Ann Carlson / Mary Ellen Strom

Four Parallel Lines


Four Parallel Lines (2007)
Edition of 5 with 2 AP


Four Parallel Lines (2007) is a video installation made in collaboration with four men who work as day laborers, Jose Bautista, Joel Gomez, Lisandrow Vicente and Carlos Hernandez. Four parallel lines are drawn on a stretch of beach using 6 x 2 inch lumber. This scene references Walter De Marias’s, 1968 earthwork in which he drew two parallel mile long lines in the Mojave Desert. During the scene the ocean eventually washes the workers line drawings away, with the water resembling a white paint spill. Art historical references are deployed to frame and give focus to the lives of immigrants and their labor. The video strives to engage the spectator both viscerally and critically by presenting an immersive, physical experience through landscape.